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Dr. John J. Wild, Pioneer of Diagnostic Ultrasound  


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Research Career

In keeping with the dictum of medical practice, "First do not harm," Dr. Wild developed a safe diagnostic tool.  Unlike x-rays and some other diagnostic medical procedures, ultrasonic examination is harmless.  Repeated ultrasonic examination causes no injury to the patient; and living, functioning human tissue can be studies continuously as it grows and changes.  For these reasons, diagnostic real-time ultrasonic monitoring is now an essential tool in obstetrics where it is used to measure fetal progress.  In cardiology, ultrasonic blood-flow measurement and other ultrasonic imaging techniques are standard practice.  

Dr. Wild's "tissue characterization" and "grey-scale" discoveries are used in ultrasonic mammography for diagnosing breast tumors.  In other fields of oncology, ultrasound is used to detect and diagnose tumors and other abnormalities in the pelvis, eye and colon.  Dr. Wild conceived and pioneered the basic tools and concepts upon which these developments are based.   



Last modified: January 15, 2003